Pushkin in Sweden

During the Annual meeting of the UNESCO Creative cities network in Östersund (Sweden), which took place in September 2016, we started a cross-project and asked the representatives of the Cities of literature to read Pushkin's poems translated into English to the camera.

Now we have 8 videos:

"Awakening" read by Sandeep Mahal (Nottingham, UK)

"The Captive" read by John Kenyon (Iowa, the USA)

"Arion" read by Nicky Page (Dunedin, New Zealand)

"The wondrous moment of our meeting..." read by Saša Ogrizek (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

"To my Nanny" read by Marina Espasa (Barcelona, Spain)

"When in the heat..." read by Justyna Jochym (Krakow, Poland)

Verses composed during a night of insomnia read by David Ryding (Melbourne, Australia) 

"In a Beauty's Album" read by Alison Lyons (Dublin, Ireland)