Ulyanovsk to construct collaboration with UNESCO

On March 7, 2019 Russian President Vladimir Putin and UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay met in Moscow to discuss the consolidation of the existing partnership between Russia and UNESCO in key areas, such as science, artificial intelligence, heritage and culture.

“For me, it is pleasant to note the progressive development of relations between Russia and UNESCO. We are premised on the idea that UNESCO has always been, is, and remains a key international and intergovernmental organization, operating in the field of people-to-people ties. For our part, having always been supporting the organization, we are determined to do it in the future. While having always been at your disposal, we count on your support and assistance, including methodological one in implementing our national plans and the plans for cooperation between Russia and UNESCO”, – the Russian leader claimed. 

The Director-General also traveled to Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. This Republic of the Russian Federation has a particularly dynamic cooperation with UNESCO, including three World Heritage sites, three UNESCO Chairs and a Biosphere Reserve. Audrey Azoulay took part in the All-Russian Congress of UNESCO Departments in Kazan. Its purpose was summarizing the results of the quadrennial period of operations of the UNITWIN network (UNESCO-sponsored alliance of universities), as well as making principles and lines of activities of these departments. 

“Now that international relations severely strained at times, UNESCO corresponds to a highly constructive and useful platform for those states that are capable to carry on a dialogue freely, and, at the same time, with the aim of accomplishing our goals and objectives in the field of education, communications, science and culture. And all of this - for the purpose of securing peace and harmony between countries”, – said Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General. 

35 UNESCO departments took part in the work of All-Russian Congress, including the Department “Title Languages In Multicultural Educational Environment”, based on Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, named after I.N.Ulyanov. Irina Sergeeva, the Department Head, assistant professor presented Audrey Azoulay the booklet, issued by the Fund “Ulyanovsk Capital of Culture”, containing the best selected practices of Ulyanovsk as a UNESCO Literary City. 

Ulyanovsk Region is now preparing for the participation in the “World Book Capital-2021”, UNESCO competition. The Program ”Ulyanovsk World Book Capital” will be designed to develop digital environment, book infrastructure, libraries and public spaces, adapted for reading and self-studying. The main objectives of the project: population involvement in reading, growth of the city's economy creative sector, making the city reading-friendly.

General information 

In 2004 the “UNESCO Creative Cities Network” was built up with the purpose of taking advantage of their creative potential, aimed at social and economic development. Today the network brings together 180 cities in 72 countries worldwide. Ulyanovsk is the only Russian city, incorporated into this net. The Program “Ulyanovsk - UNESCO city of literature” is a vibrant process of reading, authors and Russian literature promotion. Many residents know about such literary events as “LiteraTour” – a literary tram night tour, “Film” festival, “Word” festival, the project “Germany days in Ulyanovsk”, the literary hackfest “Word.Web” etc. Authors from Ulyanovsk participated in the UNESCO Creative cities projects: the poetry exhibition, organized as part of the Reading Festival in Reykjavik (Iceland), "Poetic encounters" World Poetry book, the «Writer in the park» - Ljubljana writers residency program, The World poetry Day 2019, Cadence Video Poetry Festival (Seattle) and others. Ulyanovsk was visited by representatives of the UNESCO literary cities: Granada, Heidelberg, Baghdad, Ljubljana. The city organizes The International Literary Prize, named after I.A.Gontcharov, The International Language Festival ”Many nations – one world”, All-Russia Gontcharov Holiday, the exhibition fair “Simbirsk Book”, the city festival “Puskin in U-city”.