There were English courses for people in literary sphere in Ulyanovsk

The pilot project for the English language education of writers, journalists and culture managers finished in the "Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature" program.

The courses were initiated by the City Council as Ulyanovsk is a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the literature field since December 2015.

"One of the goals of the "Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature" program is the support of writers, journalists and culture managers. That is why we offered to the City Council to create such courses as a part of an investment in the future where our  writers, journalists and culture managers will be able to speak fluently, realize and participate in projects with our international partners from 116 countries all over the world," - Pasha Andreev , the head of the program office tells.

There were more than 30 entries. And 12 people finished the courses.

First of all, the test was held to find out the English level. As a result two groups, Elementary and  Upper- Intermediate were formed. Each group had meetings twice a week during 2,5 months.

"Each lesson gave to the "students" an opportunity to drill and improve their speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar and vocabulary skills. Different methods and authentic educational materials allowed to create language environment for the effective studying. During two months groups managed to study several grammar topics, brush up English proficiency and learn something new," - Alyona Bespalova, the teacher of the courses and a manager of the program office says.

It is worth noting that the students were very active at the lessons and welcomed any activities with pleasure. They were highly interested in the studied materials. From there it can be affirmed that the courses were successful. Even the results of the final test prove it: 90% of the Elementary group aced the test.

"Of course, we can't say that students mastered their  English level. However, the first step on this way is done. And we hope that English language will be a helper in their future work! And we will plan more effective practices for the future and look for the needed recourses on it. Undoubtedly, it was a great experience for the participants and us," - organizers sum up.

In the end of the courses each of the students got a certificate of completion of the English courses and personal recommendations on the further study of English language.