The works of Ulyanovsk artists, poets, and photographers were published in the International anthology “You Will Remain”

The anthology, 'You Will Remain' was disseminated at the 3rd UNESCO Creative Cities Summit in Beijing as part of “UNESCO’s latest publication ‘UNESCO Creative Cities’ Response to COVID-19’, which showcases good urban practices from Creative Cities as well as a general analysis, highlighting the power of culture and creativity facing the crisis. 'You Will Remain' is the literature cluster’s response to the pandemic with 23 participating cities. The anthology is unique in that it boasts diverse contents ranging from poems and prose to video poems and original paintings.

 The idea for the anthology came from the Slemani UNESCO City of Literature Program Directorate:

   - This anthology grew out of the messy and imperfect and urgent need to reach one another in the sudden isolation brought about by COVID-19. Each member of our Slemani City of Literature office felt the necessity to reassure people, however briefly, that every human experience has value. We opened a call for submissions from all UNESCO Creative Cities of literature and intentionally kept our selection inclusive, spanning 23 cities and 15 languages, from Durban to Dunedin. Our attempt in these pages: to make space for each voice to enter the global conversation and change how each of us imagines ourselves and our world—ideas at the core of the Creative Cities Network.

 The initiative is part of a broader project called 'Literature and Arts as Helpmate and Therapist.’ 

 The anthology includes the following works by poets, artists, and photographers associated with Ulyanovsk:

- March Sun (1969), Arkady A. Plastov (the work is exhibited at the A.A. Plastov Museum in Ulyanovsk).

- Simbirsk, Dmitry I. Arkhangelsky (the etude from the private collection of Ulyanovsk journalist and writer Gennady Demochkin).

- Holiday (1953-1967), Arkady Plastov (the work is exhibited at the A.A. Plastov Museum in Ulyanovsk).

- Bus (sand video), Nikolai Blagov (Poet – Nikolai Blagov (1931—1992). Narrated by Elena Toporkova, artist – Maria Zhvankova,Video editing – Nadezhda Korchagina, translated by Sergei Gogin).

- “Untitled”, Pavel I. Puzyrevsky (The etude from the private collection of Ulyanovsk journalist and writer Gennady Demochkin).

- Happiness, the poem by Sergei Gogin.

- The watercolor "The Volga River in Winter", the watercolor sketch "Lisboa", and the photo “The sunset on the Volga River”, Iuliia Uzriutova

 You can read the anthology on the Slemani UNESCO City of Literature website. You can also find the Epub (IOS/Mac/Iphone) here.

 About the anthology

 “COVID-19 has targeted all humanity and needs to be fought collaboratively. The role of words, literature and elites’ messages, besides self-protection, has been creatively embodied in this piece of collective literature. This anthology contributes to making our life endurable, beauties sustainable, humanity resilient and civilization lasting; integrating the UNESCO Creative Cities’ diverse contributions to invest in the wealth of literature and arts, to relieve humanity.” —Dr. Haval Abubaker, Slemani Governor.

 “To say that this anthology is a bright light in a dark time is not enough: it is a light refracted and intensified, a literary rainbow from around the world. That such an achievement would arise from Slemani is no surprise, as its writers have been responding to current events since its very founding, from Piramerd, the polymath newspaperman of yore, to Dlawar Qaradaghi, writing today. The collaborative nature of You Will Remain, its multiplicity of styles and perspectives, reflects the city’s identity as a meeting grounds for ideas and a springboard for creative action, a city that recognizes the power of diversity and collaboration.” — David Shook, poet, translator, and founder of Phoneme Media.

 “You Will Remain is not only a matter of juxtaposing words written or uttered, but rather an act of creation that contributes to the power of change, as we face a disaster we neither wished for nor expected. This anthology of literature in response to COVID-19 is wisely at the service of humanity, spreading dewdrops of empathy and love throughout its lines and pages: a transfixing cultural contribution in the history of civilization.” — Dr. Ibtisam Qadr, Head of Galawezh Cultural Centre.