The Program ”Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature” to be updated

The Creative UNESCO City designation shall be a vector of the city’s human development.

Chaired by Sergei Morozov, Ulyanovsk Region Governor, a conference was conducted on March 2 in library No.4, named after Evgeniy Evtushenko. The conference focused on development of the program “Ulyanovsk City Of Literature UNESCO” and preparation of the application for “World Book Capital” designation in 2020.

The program ”Ulyanovsk UNESCO City of Literature” is now “restarting” its opportunities.

Mikhail Sytchiov, City Executive First Deputy, presented directions for the further development of the program, namely: development of reading infrastructure (establishing model libraries and opening new ones in the city’s housing complexes under construction, opening the “Minayev’s House” literature center-museum, buildup of reading areas in public spaces), digitization of libraries, development of partnership with business community, higher educational establishments, creative associations and creative individuals for purposes of reading promotion. Moreover, the opening of the International Residence for Writers and Translators in Ulyanovsk was announced. Two residents will work in Ulyanovsk in 2019.

Tatyana Ivshina, Executive Director of the Fund “Ulyanovsk, the Capital City Of Culture”, stated that over the last years a lot of projects had been implemented in order to popularize literature in the hometown. Authors from Ulyanovsk appeal to Russia and the World. Therefore, it's important to position the city at international level, promote Ulyanovsk as a Russia’s literary leader, and develop literature in urban space.

Evgeniya Sidorova, Minister of Art and Cultural Policy of Ulyanovsk Region, articulated “World Book Capital” application points of Ulyanovsk.

The Program “Ulyanovsk - UNESCO city of literature” is a vibrant process of reading, authors and Russian literature promotion. Many residents know about such literary events as “LiteraTour” – a literary tram night tour, “Film” festival, “Word” festival, the project “Germany days in Ulyanovsk”, the literary hackfest “Word.Web” etc. Authors from Ulyanovsk participated in the UNESCO Creative cities projects: the poetry exhibition, organized as part of the Reading Festival in Reykjavik (Iceland), "Poetic encounters" World Poetry book, the «Writer in the park» - Ljubljana writers residency program, The World poetry Day 2019, Cadence Video Poetry Festival (Seattle) and many others. Ulyanovsk was visited by representatives of the UNESCO literary cities: Granada, Heidelberg, Baghdad, Ljubljana.

Ulyanovsk is the only Russian city of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, that incorporates 180 cities from 72 countries.