The city festival “Pushkin in U-city” will start in Ulyanovsk

On June 6, 2019, the Pushkin’s Day celebration in Russia, the traditional city festival “Pushkin in U-city” will get underway in Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature. The festival’s title sponsors are Russian Cultural Fund and All-Russia Pushkin's Museum.

The city’s outdoor performance stages, libraries, parklands and garden squares, children’s snack bars will be places for the reading of Pushkin’s writings, game programs for children, Russian Language actions and lessons, plain-airs painting.

On June 6, at noon, the festival will start with the Pushkin plain air in New Venets promenade. Professional and amateur painters, educators and trainees of children’s art schools, as well as the city’s residents, who are fond of creative working with paints and canvases, will draw out of their heads variations of the Tale of the Golden Cockerel exactly on the date of 185th anniversary of its first appearance in writing. In the garden square, named after N. M. Karamzin, the “Russian Lessons” location will be open from 5 p.m. 

On June 7, at 6 p.m., the unique rap-festival “Pushkin Beat” awaits the citizens and guests at the location near the “Ruslan” recreation center. Young people will come together for the rap battle to electrify the audience with their music. The night’s headliner, the "Bad Balance" group gained all-Russia prominence in the mid-90s after the release of the album “Raiders Bad B.", shortly winning a cult following after releasing of the clip “Urban Depression” and the albums “Jungle City” and "Rocky Forest”. 

On the same day, everyone interested will be able to take part in literary games in the city’s parks.

On June 8, the “We Speak Russian” action will go live in the city. The libraries’ staff members will offer pedestrians to fill in correctly omitted letters in Pushkin’s writings and correct existing mistakes. Apart from that, the city libraries will hold the “We Read Pushkin” action. Everyone interested will be able to take part and be active in the program by reading an abstract from the writings of Aleksandr Pushkin. The action will be kick-started by well-known Ulyanovsk poets, writers, and the city’s media persons.

On June 9, the citizens may take part in the quest "…Pushkin, or what?!", prepared by the libraries’ staff members. The itinerary, elaborated by the quest initiators, will allow for discovering A.S. Pushkin on another part, different for the readers.

The city chess competition, arranged for children of 6-12 years old, will take place in the garden square named after N.M. Karamzin at 11 a.m. Playing chess in Pushkin’s life occupied an insignificant but honorable place. The poet retained for the entire life love for chess, derived from the lyceum.

The program of June 10 is equally eventful. The exhibition “Mythology of Russian Family” will open in the children’s library No.24 named after A.S. Pushkin, while the around tour will be given by Irina Rosina, candidate of Philological Sciences, head of the media сеnter of All-Russian Museum of A. S. Pushkin (St. Petersburg).

Representatives of libraries and museums from 7 regions will arrive in Ulyanovsk to negotiate the joint plans for the promotion of Pushkin’s name at the interregional practical workshop “Pushkin’s Name – the Name of Russia”. Also, later on this day, the city residents will have meetings with Dmitry Gasin, poet, a columnist for books, arranged at 11.00 in the library No.2 named after N.G. Zyrin, and at 17.00 in the Central City Library named after I.A. Goncharov.

Another signature moment of the festival will be participating in the program of Andrej Hocevar (Ljubljana, Slovenia), poet, writer, literary critic, editor-in-chief of the "LUD Literatura" magazine and the "Prišlek" series, author of six poetry books (the first of them was nominated for the best first- piece prize, while the last – for "Veronika Award"), and one collection of stories.

It is worth noting that earlier, on May 31, a walk of poets was open right in the town center at the intersection of Goncharov Street and Lenin Street. It is a place where you can enjoy the music of Ulyanovsk groups, learn about poetry writing of young poets, recite your all-time verses at the “Open Mike” location, take your first steps, learn new moves or rather wholeheartedly have a dance, waltzing with subtle masters or else for short have outdoor rest in the book area.

The city residents and guests are welcome to take part in the city festival "Pushkin in U-city”. For inquiries, call 30-11-48.