Romantic. Eco-friendly. Literary. How the tram tour took place in Ulyanovsk

The Literary tour on tram around the city took place on August 18 for the second time within the “Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature” program. About a hundred of citizens took part in the tour.

For the second time in a row “Ulyanovsk - City of Literature” program office with the Department for culture and “Ulyanovskelectrotrans” initiate the literary tour on the tram around the city in the evening. The idea of the project is to travel around the city together and listen to the readers who read out the extracts from works of authors from other cities of literature around the world.

“It is very important for us to keep in touch with the cities of literature around the world, but we also want to keep this connection between the cities and citizens of our city” - Pavel Andreev says, the head of the “Ulyanovsk - UNESCO City of Literature” program.

The extracts from the works of UNESCO Cities of Literature from Australia,Spain, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Scotland, the Great Britain and Estonia were used in the tour.

This year the participants of the project got together near the north tram depot where the journey started.

IMG_1464.JPGThe first extract from the novel “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts from Melbourne was read by Vadim Andreev, the Deputy Head of the Ulyanovsk Administration.


After that all participants and readers got on the tram and set off.


Two “Ulyanovskelectrotrans”’s trams drove down the streets of the city and then came back to the the north tram depot.


Oksana Solntseva, the Minister of the youth development of Ulyanovsk region was one of the readers. She read the extract from the story “Spring” by Estonian writer Oskar Luts from Tartu near the arbor at the museum of photography.


“We talk a lot that it is possible to involve brilliant and self-sufficing youth into any socially important event only with the help of unique content. From my point of view, the LiteraTour is this very case. It is smart, interesting, seamlessly, atmospheric and because of this all, becomes very attractive! In my opinion, there is only one drawback- you can visit it only once a year. ” - Oksana Solntseva shared her impressions.


The invited guest of the tour was Gala Uzryutova, an Ulyanovsk playwright and writer who read the extracts from her own tales and poems in the centre of the tram circle, the last stop of the tour.


“The literary tour on the tram is an opportunity to look at Ulyanovsk in a new way, as a text. While you are on the tram and an extract is read, the view in the window becomes an unexpected illustration to the tale. And this textual topography creates a new Ulyanovsk. It also looks like textual shamanism, get off two trams all together, stand up at night in the tram circle and read out the tales, poems. Moreover, to read not only to each other but to the city as well, which is a living creature for sure, that listens what we are telling him.” - Gala shared her opinion.


The list of works of the literary tour’ 17:

Janet Frame “Winter garden” (Dunedin, New Zealand)

Robert Louis  Stevenson “Kidnapped: Being Memoirs of the Adventures of David Balfour” (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Federico García Lorca “Blood Wedding” (Granada, Spain)

Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram” (Melbourne, Australia)

Jan Nepomuk Neruda “Eclogue of original forrest” (Prague, The Czech Republic)

Oskar Luts “Spring” (Tartu, Estonia)

Philip Pullman “The Golden Compass”(Norwich, The Great Britain)

Gala Uzryutova (Ulyanovsk, Russia)


The works were read by: Victoria Chrenysheva, a journalist and a photographer, Marina Matveeva, A PR-manager, Ksenia Tilkanova, a marketing manager, Dmitry Shatskov, the head of creative space “Kvartal”, Sergey Karachev and Anna Andreenok, actors.


“I spent the evening in a very pleasant company, in the Literary tram. It was great to see familiar active young people and beautiful stylish drivers (also “pilots-masters”) and people who read the extracts. Even though I expected to listen to poems, and it turned out to be the prose, made my evening anyway. Everything was amazing, Looking forward to new experiments!” - MIlana Mishina, one of the participants shared her impressions of the evening.


The next tour will be held in 2018.