Poet Danila Nozdryakov became one of the winner of the Voloshin’s Literary Contest

Sevastopol and Koktebel hosted the 17th International Literary Festival named after Voloshin. Danila Nozdryakov, a Ulyanovsk poet, became one of the winners.

He received his winner diploma for the “Children’s Republic of Povolzhye” book manuscript in the poetry nomination of the “Voymega” publishing house.

Danila Nozdryakov was born in Ulyanovsk in 1986. He graduated from Ulyanovsk State University, he is a journalist now. The author participated in literary festivals in Cheboksary, Togliatti, and Saratov. Made long-list of the “Liceum” Literary Contest named after A. S. Pushkin, was a winner of the 10th International Literary Contest “Verlibr”. He wrote the collections of stories “Double-humpted Deers”(2016) and “Люди с пониженным социальным отверстием” (2019). This September, Danila Nozdryakov, poet, and Anton Lemesev, prose writer, will participate in the International Forum of Young Writers “Lipki” in Ulyanovsk.

“True relations with a native city can manifest themselves only from a distance. It is as if relations with parents. Living together with them, you conceive them as certain givenness, or as an objective human condition. You can rebel or fully adopt their rules, or fence yourself off, or build an ivory tower in your room, but there is no answer to the question: how much your love is authentic for them if you still stay with them without trying to live separately. I was born in Ulyanovsk, and have never lived more than a few months elsewhere. My relations with the city are symbiotical, the cord remains uncut. If only to understand trueness of feelings for the city, I occasionally plunge into its history – more often into the Soviet, more rarely into the pre-revolutionary one. I have a small text on how behind brick faces of nine-storied buildings in Minayev’s street, practically, there keep out of sight those old log frames and palisades with sweet-scented lilac. This ascent of mine to the past gives space for comparison and observation of the city’s genealogy”, related Nozdryakov in his recent interview for the “Ulyanovsk UNESCO Literary City” portal.

The Voloshin’s festival is hosted by the fund “Voloshin’s September”, the house-museum of M. A. Voloshin, the “Historical and Cultural Memorial Museum Estate “Kimmeriya of M.A. Voloshin”, and by the “Union of Russian Writers” with the support of Federal Agency For Press and Mass Communications of Russian Federation. This year, the festival hosted beginning from 2003, is dedicated to the 35th anniversary of opening the house-museum of M.A. Voloshin and the 100th anniversary of B.A. Slutsky, poet.