Milan City of Literature Residency program for book operators

Designated Creative City of Literature in 2017, Milan announces the first Residency Program planned for 2020 and aimed at operators in the book industry: one publisher, one bookseller and one librarian. 

The residency program is the result of Milan’s role in the publishing sector: considered the Italian capital of publishing sector: considered the Italian capital of publishing, the city hosts 51% of publishing houses throughout Italy, as well as various foundations, publishing agencies and professional associations. Hence the idea of addressing the program of residencies to those who work in the book industry. The concept of the program is to encourage and intensify the links between Creative Cities, as well as to develop relationships that can be of mutual benefit and long lasting. The project will include meetings between the guests and the analogous representatives of the Milanese publishing and cultural world. The exchange of mutual knowledge will allow to deepen the issues that are related to the different skills and experiences linked to the world of books. Specifically, an important opportunity for discussion will be given by the participation of the guests at the Stelline convention. 

3 guests’ (one publisher, one bookseller and one librarian) to be hosted simultaneously. The duration of the residency is 10 days from 9 to 19 March 2020. 

Applications requirements 

− Registered residence in a UNESCO City of literature 

− B2 level of English Language

− The knowledge, even elementary, of the Italian Language and/or of the Italian culture and literature will be considered as an asset of appreciation.  

How to apply 

Please send us: 

− Application form 

− Curriculum vitae 

− Letter of motivation, highlighting the motivation and interest that encourage candidates to propose themselves for this experience 

− Description of an experience or project that is considered significant and that will be the subject of discussion during the stay. 

Selection Panel 

The guests are selected by the Representatives of the District of Milan. Please send in your application by e-mail until 19 January 2019 to If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or also by phone: +390288465614 

More information and application form