Libraries of Ulyanovsk offer to hand over waste paper to help the hospice

From March 4 through March 17, 2020, Ulyanovsk libraries open points of charitable collection of wastepaper. The received funds will be spent on the needs of hospice care recipients.

People are supposed to collect waste paper and deliver it to the nearest library (the libraries’ addresses are available on the website of the Central library system of the city in the “Biblionet” section). The key condition of waste paper reception is the absence of office fasteners, plastic folders, and binders. The special’s organizers guarantee information protection and well-defined utilization of the waste for the intended purpose.

Accepted any types of paper products, including magazines, newspapers, books, printing paper, archives, exercise books, cardboard package, used A4 sheets and notebooks, etc.

In Easter week, the raised funds will be transferred to the beneficiaries. 

For reference

Recycling of 1000 kg of waste paper saves 10 trees, 20 000 liters of water, 1000 kW of electric energy, and eliminates the emission of 1700 kg of СО2. Waste recycling and minimization of polluting emissions are links in a chain because pollution of the environment adversely affects ecology, and is a menace to public health and lowers life quality.