In Ulyanovsk the fashion designer presented a book collection of clothes

In Ulyanovsk, UNESCO City of Literature, a collection of clothes, the main idea of which is to popularize reading, was presented. Local fashion designer Irina Malova was inspired by the architecture and interiors of the city's main library, the Palace of the Book when created these clothes. The spring-summer collection "Read, Dream, Create!" is also designed to actualize interest in the Russian language.

The new collection was presented on February 27 in the Palace of Creativity, it was opened by reading Pavel Soldatov's poems.




"People used to read everywhere: on public transport, at home, on vacation. Now paper books have been replaced by electronic ones, and the Internet is the main source of information now. The culture of reading is going away, and we want to pay attention to it. Through our collection we ask questions that worry us: what will happen to the huge book printing industry shortly, what will replace reading soon, is it possible to return the popularity of books and how to do it? The walls of the library and its architecture became the basis for the prints of the new collection. We "raised" them: we moved the drawings to fabric and sewed feminine dresses of a flying silhouette. Perforated leather was used as an accessory material", said Irina Malova, the clothes designer, the author of the collection and creative director of KUZINA brand.


The presentation was supported by the UNESCO Chair "Title languages in intercultural educational space" of the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University.



"Over the past 20 years, Russian letters have remained a trend in fashion designers' work. Designers are inspired by the Cyrillic alphabet, for them, it is an unusual, beautiful pattern, which becomes a highlight of many collections. We are forming a fashion in Russian," says Alice Bogatova, the organizer and producer of Ulyanovsk Fashion Week and president of the Association of Light Industry and Design Professionals.



Video with an overview of the collection can be watched at Instagram of Irina Malova.

Photo: Victoria Chernysheva, Ulkul, personal blog of Irina Malova