In Germany the meeting of the UNESCO Cities of Literature managers from Heidelberg and Ulyanovsk took place

The meeting was on Tuesday in the "Heidelberg - UNESCO City of Literature" program office. Andrea Adel, Philipp Koban,  Stefan Kaumketter and Pavel Adreev from Yluanovsk program took part in the meeting. 

The meeting discussed cooperation of the cities in the sphere of the literary projects development.  The participation of the writers form Heidelberg in the "Germany days" festival  in August 2017, the possible visit of the managers from the Heidelberg program office to present the city and share the experience with Ulyanovsk cultural  organizations, and also the work on creation of the cooperation  of the cultural  organizations in Heidelberg  and Ulyanovsk to build the direct communications in the future were discussed, too. 

"The UNESCO Creative Cities Network allows to learn other countries and cities' approaches in management  in the culture sphere, strategic development of the cities and work with creative people in details.  Therefore, we could learn from the most effective methods and share our own experience with other cities. And, of course, the trip itself is very important for strengthening of our relationships with Germany", - Pasha Andreev commented on his trip.

The Pavel Andreev's trip to Germany became possible owing to the "Together and learning from each other" scholarship program of Goethe German culture centre  in Moscow and the MitOst e.V. Association.

Besides Heidelberg Pavel will also visit Ketzin where the strategic meeting of the Theodore Hoss Panel will take place on support and development of non-formal education for youth program in the civic engagement  sphere . He will visit Stuttgart where several meetings with cultural organizations, artists and enthusiasts will take place. It is planned to develop joint projects with them in the Peoples' Friendship park during "Germany days" festival. 

Heidelberg's sights: