Four short films about Ulyanovsk will be shown on the Festival in the Great Britain

Bradford  - UNESCO City of Film from England has chosen four works by Ulyanovsk authors that will be screened on the Bradford Big Screen in City Park throughout June 2017, as a part of the Small World Film Festival.

Entries have come in from all corners of the globe, from the United States and South America  to New Zealand and from Afghanistan to China.  And of course, Ulyanovsk is one of them. The films feature a range of high quality cinematography, story telling, documentary and animation to reveal the stories of their cities and their people for the festival’s theme “My City.”

All short films which meet the criteria are screened on the Bradford Big Screen in City Park Bradford throughout June 2017. The best entries will then be selected by our people’s panel to be screened at the UNESCO Creative Cities Annual Meeting at the end of June in Enghien-les-Bains, France.

All short films are shown on the Big Screen Bradford, a giant outdoor screen in the heart of one of England’s most vibrant and exciting cities with an international reputation for film and media. Up to 500,000 people pass the screen each month – offering unprecedented exposure for filmmakers to showcase their work.

Four short films from Ulyanovsk take part in the Festival: 

Morning Ulyanovsk by Julia and Gala Uzrutoza 

The Spring of Simbirsk by Vladimir Gurkin 

The Voice of the Wind by Sergey Burtsev and Vyacheslav Serduk

Walk in Ulyanovsk by Ruslan Mahmud-Ahunov