New art object - literary bus - installed in Ulyanovsk

Now, at the entrance to the Ulyanovsk Central Bus Terminal, passengers run into a new art object – a yellow bus full of verses from a piece of poetry of Nikolay Blagov. The architect of the project’s concept is Ulyanovsk Central Library System.

In the ’50s of the 20th century, Nikolay Blagov, a Ulyanovsk poet, had already dedicated his poem to this “ready-to-help laborer with an iron soul”. In turn, the townsmen advanced the initiative to dedicate an art symbol to “The Bus”, a Blagov’s poem.

The art object represents a big pattern of a yellow, soviet-times bus, which body is full of verses from the above poem. The bus is set up to the left of the terminal’s central entrance. Passengers read Blagov’s poetry and take selfies with the bus.

The Ulyanovsk residents have already labeled this art object as a transport symbol of UNESCO Literary City, a status assigned to Ulyanovsk in 2015. This move became the latest in a series of measures for the city’s visual decoration with literary objects and symbols. Earlier, the main square of Ulyanovsk became notable for appearance of sentences from Goncharov’s novel “Oblomov”, “Literary Street Lamp” for bookcrossing – in the vicinity of one of the libraries, at the central intersection – symbol of the UNESCO Literary City – capital inverted letter “У” and the poetical arch, graffiti with portraits of local canonical writers – on one of the trams. In 2019, Ulyanovsk residents could drive about in the “Literature Trolleybus”.

The ”Literature Bus” project was implemented due to funds received from the “Creative City” contest of creative projects and initiatives in the field of culture.

Formerly, Mariya Zhvankova, a paintress and Nadezhda Korchagina, a video editor from Ulyanovsk produced a powder video with verses of “The Bus”, a Blagov’s poem

For reference

Nikolay Nikolayevich Blagov (02.01.1931-27.05.1992) – a soviet poet of the second half of the 20th century, laureate of RF state prize, named after M.Gorky. N. N. Blagov spent his childhood and youth in the village of Andreevka, Tcherdakly district of the Ulyanovsk region. He graduated from Ulyanovsk Pedagogical Institute. In 1970 – 1976, he was in charge of the poetry department of the “Volga” magazine. In 1976 – 1983, he was an assistant editor of Ulyanovsk writers’ organization. Editor in Chief of the “Volga” magazine in 1983-1987. N.N. Blagov – author of 18 poetry books. In 2012, Ulyanovsk Region Government resolved to establish the annual regional poetical prize, named after N. N. Blagov.

The photo: Ulyanovsk Central Library System