2020 Bucheon Residency for writers and artists

The first International residency program in Bucheon for two artists of writers, translators, cartoonists, and graphic novel artists– coming from the Creative Cities of the UNESCO Network.

The residency period will be about from July to August 2020; however, the date of the program has not been definitely decided yet and the deadline for sending applications is Feb, 28, 2020.

Writers, translators and cartoonists of comics and graphic novels can apply for the Residency program from Creative Cities regardless of their creative field.

Bucheon began to take note of the potential of ‘culture’ 20 years ago. Since then, the city has worked hard to promote the cultural content industry by building cultural infrastructure for comics, animation, film, music and libraries. In under 50 years, Bucheon has transformed from an agricultural rural area to an industrial city and now to a city of culture. Koreans now recall the think not of a ‘manufacturing town next to Seoul’ but of 'cartoons' and ‘film festivals’ whenever the city of Bucheon is mentioned. Bucheon is also recognized as a ‘city of libraries’ by library experts and officials in Korea. If you open a map app on your phone and lookup Bucheon, it's likely at least one library will appear on your screen no matter what area you look up in the city.

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The criteria and the application form


❍ Project name: 2020 Bucheon Residency

❍ Project period: Four to six weeks from July - August 2020

❍ Venue: Accommodation provided near to Bucheon Station or Bucheon City Hall


Provided Service

❍ Airfares up to about 2,500 dollars USD

❍ Accommodation for 4-6 weeks

❍ A work studio

❍ Living expenses of up to about 850 dollars USD

Required Documents

❍ Completed Application form

❍ List of achievements over the past three years as necessary to support information in application form (photos of performances, media articles, awards received, etc.)

❍ Optional: Portfolio (any format)

※ Submit documents in pdf format via e-mail sunmin0914@korea.kr


https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gAM6-eS1WjE_cgLVGPbm4F3txb9o46Pv : Application form_2020 Bucheon Residency.pptx
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zUP3_Fxl0on1fckGxe693cRJxRQrumw0 : Application form_2020 Bucheon Residency.docx

- Eligibility: Up to 2 persons

❍Writers who live in member cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network or have been recommended by the Creative Cities Offices

❍A command of Korean or English for the purposes of communication

❍Interest in Korean literature and culture

❍At least one published work(Literature, translation, comics, graphics, etc.)

❍ Submitting a two-page essay or comic/illustrated book about living in Bucheon or Korea or Korean culture

❍ Participating in at least one local literature event or exchange event within the jurisdiction


If you have any inquiry regarding 2020 Bucheon Residency, email SUNMIN0914@KOREA.KR.

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