150 authors will take part in the International Young writers Forum in Ulyanovsk

The legendary Forum of young writers of Russia, the CIS countries and abroad "Lipki" will take place in Ulyanovsk, UNESCO City of literature, on September 15-21. More than 150 authors will take part in the 19th Forum.

The Forum is organized by The Fund for Socio-Economic and Intellectual Programs. This year 400 young writers applied from 70 regions of Russia, CIS countries and abroad. The texts of various literary genres were accepted: poetry, prose, literary criticism, children's literature, dramaturgy, translation.

27 masters delegated by literary magazines selected 150 authors who will have free education at the Forum. The editors and representatives of well-known literary magazines will be the masters: Andrey Vasilevsky (“Novyi mir”), Sergey Nadeev (“Druzhba narodov”), Alexander Livergant (“Inostrannaya literatura”), Sergey Chuprinin (“Znamya”), Igor Shaitanov (“Voprosy literatury”"), Andrei Aryev ("Zvezda"), Evgeny Popov ("October"), Elena Isaeva ("Modern Drama"), Lev Yakovlev ("Youth"), etc.

The Forum will be attended by poet, philosopher, and journalist Danila Nozdryakov, who lives in Ulyanovsk, as well as a prose writer and music journalist Anton Lemesev.

According to the results of the Forum, some of the authors will be nominated for scholarships. Earlier, the authors from Ulyanovsk (Vyacheslav Savin, Gala Uzryutova, Maria Zavadskaya, and others) became participants and scholarship holders of the Forum.