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International writers' residence in Reykjavik

A presentation will be held in the model library exhibitions of illustrations for the travel sketchbook of "Frigate Pallada" by I.A. Goncharov.

The Only Question: Ulyanovsk - Heidelberg - Gala Uzryutova and Juliane Sophie Kayser

The Only Question: Heidelberg – Dublin – Şafak Sarıçiçek and Csilla Toldy

The Only Question: Durban-Melbourne – Adiela Akoo and Rijn Collins

The Only Question: Iowa City-Québec – Jeremy Geragotelis and Vanessa Bell

The Only Question: Yekaterinburg-Iowa City – Ekaterina Simonova and Jacquelyn Bengfort

The Only Question: Heidelberg-Ulyanovsk – Juliane Sophie Kayser and Gala Uzryutova

The Only Question: Heidelberg-Ulyanovsk|Moscow – Şafak Sarıçiçek and Irina Bogatyryova

The Only Question: Durban-Ulyanovsk – Adiela Akoo and Sergei Gogin

The Only Question: Heidelberg - Nottingham – Ingeborg von Zadow and Leanne Moden

The Only Question: Melbourne - Ulyanovsk – Rijn Collins and Gala Uzryutova

The Only Question: Calgary-Mannheim - Kelly Kaur and Claudia Schmid

The Only Question: Melbourne - Heidelberg – Christopher Raja and Klaus Kayser

Open Call. Writer in the Park, Ljubljana UNESCO City of Literature International Literary Residency

The Only Question: Heidelberg-Ulyanovsk – Şafak Sarıçiçek and Sergei Gogin

Writers from different countries will discuss topical issues within The Only Question Project

UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature welcome 3 new Cities to the Network

Writers and poets from UNESCO literary cities are invited to ask each other questions

Reykjavík hosts first-ever hybrid UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature meeting

Open Call. Nanjing Virtual Writers' Residency 2021

Literary trolleybus 2021 in Ulyanovsk: new literature in the city

UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature Champion International Literacy Day 2021

Open Call. Melbourne Virtual Writer in Residence

Open Call. Media Art Residency in Košice – UNESCO Creative City of Media Arts

Program rezydencyjny dla tłumaczy i tłumaczek Krakowa Miasta Literatury UNESCO

Literary tram 2021 in Ulyanovsk: NEW

Open Call: 2021 Granada Writers Residency Programme

Open Call for UNESCO City of Literature 2021 Wonju Residency


UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature offer vibrancy and hope on World Poetry Day

The International Literary Ice Rink in Ulyanovsk brought together the contemporary poetry of UNESCO literary cities

UNESCO City of Literature virtual residency opportunity: Norwich

International Competition for Young Composers and songwriters named after Sofia Gubaidulina. Open Call 2020-2021

The works of Ulyanovsk artists, poets, and photographers were published in the International anthology “You Will Remain”

Literary Tram 2020 in Ulyanovsk: photos and video

2020 Nanjing Virtual Literary Residency: Open Call

September 8. UNESCO Cities of Literature Champion International Literacy Day

2020 Nanjing International Writers Residency Program: Open Call

International exhibition "A City as a Writer's Workplace" opens online

An author from Cambridge and an artist from Melbourne to be the new guests of the Literary Residency in Ulyanovsk

Irina Bogatyryova about her novel "Sogra", published in the "New World" magazine

DRAMAHOME: the online festival of text, theatre, dance, and music has been launched in Ulyanovsk

Stay home and read: Ulyanovsk libraries have joined the popular flash mob

Dmitry Sadovnikov's poem translated by Ulyanovsk poet Sergei Gogin will be presented in Nanjing and Slemani

Ulyanovsk writer Kir Lukovkin: "During the pandemic, we'll learn a lot about each other"

UNESCO Cities of Literature bring World Poetry Day into the home

A City as a Writer's Workplace: Open Call 2020